• More than thirty years of marketing, directing and building solutions for the development of instructional and administrative methodologies. Ten years teaching at the elementary, middle, and university levels. Senior Research Consultant with Hezel Associates, a national research and evaluation organization. Consults with SC Department of Education as technology integration specialist for Mathematics & Science Coaching Initiative. Completed study for statewide pilot on how teachers transition from traditional textbooks to digital textbooks.
  • Recognized for broad-based conceptualization, evaluation, recommendation and actualization. Served on national boards and committees and repeatedly invited to conferences for presentations. Grant reader for US Department of Education and National Science Foundation. Consulted with SC DOE as external reviewer & liaison in schools designated as “unsatisfactory” by SC Accountability Act of 1998. For DataWorks, a California-based educational research organization, conducts curriculum calibration workshops, Explicit Direct Instruction training, classroom observation data collection presentations with schools on how to analyze and use data to improve instruction.
  • Excellent communication skills highlighted by published works, extensive public speaking, media production and successful grant writing with a proven ability to provide initial vision, as well as final reality.
  • Strong information technology skills in a variety of distance learning applications, including web development, multi-media presentations, video production, course authoring software, and interactive videoconferencing. Developed statewide science education program for teachers using blended technology. Develops & facilitates online courses for educators & other learners.
  • Extensive knowledge in all aspects of learning with technologies. Wrote and produced comprehensive series of 60 videos, print manuals, and website, targeting educational reform strategies and curriculum integration with math and science, disseminated globally. Videos currently in United Streaming catalog. As a NASA Fellow for the NASA Digital Learning Network, developed distance learning module disseminated nationally.
  • Successfully partners with national organizations such as National PTA, National Park Service, National School Boards Association, ThinkQuest, public television stations, Education Development Center, PBS TeacherLine, Lego Education, Blue Ribbon Schools Foundation, NASA ‘s Digital Media Lab, and National Guard.

Select Highlights

Developed classroom observation protocol and conducted classroom observations and analyzed findings, facilitated district level goals and outcomes, and facilitated teacher focus groups as part of evaluation team for 1:1 implementation in Richland School District Two.

Developed and managed state wide Digital Pilot for SCDOE studying transition from traditional texts to digital texts & impact on teaching & learning. Established and maintained virtual collaboration & on site consulting between 15 high school classrooms and teachers using netbooks & iPads as tools. Result: White paper outlining benefits & challenges in scale up to state level for political and education audiences.

Authored and co-authored several multi-million dollar grants in a fifteen year timeframe. Developed criteria and implemented processes for three major federal programs. Results: Provided and managed creation, funding, personnel and marketing efforts for projects with up to $10 million budgeted.

Conceived and developed series of virtual fieldtrips series for middle school science. Designed format, wrote content, created activities and collaborated with technical staff to produce videos and website. Results: Global participation of on a yearly basis resulting in participation of approximately 5 million middle school students.

Direct on-demand classroom and professional development resources. Collaborated with partners on a nationwide basis, coordinated video production, teleconferences, on line courses and workshops, marketing, and web sites. Results: Series of teleconferences and on line courses targeted to educational technology leaders on internet filtering, technology budgeting, copyright in distance learning, and emerging technologies. Statewide science education program, first and only one of its kind in South Carolina.

Designed and conducted statewide conferences / workshops. Established leadership roles for project staff, industries and advisory boards. Instituted technology training components and managed a $9.7 million budget. Results: Developed thirteen regional math and science hubs for the state of South Carolina. Developed series of training courses for interactive videoconferencing in the classroom. Developed curriculum & delivered training for SCDOE Math & Science Coaching Initiative. 

Experience Summary

Independent Contractor 2007-Present

Director of Distance Learning (as independent contractor) 2003 to 2007

Roper Mountain Science Center Greenville, South Carolina

Star Schools Project Director / Director of Curriculum 1994 to 2003

Satellite Educational Resources Consortium Columbia, South Carolina

Assistant Director / Program Coordinator 1988 to 1994

South Carolina Department of Education Columbia, South Carolina


Doctorate of Philosophy, Elementary Education Educational Administration, University of South Carolina-Columbia

Master of Education, Elementary Education, University of South Carolina-ColumbiaBachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, University of South Carolina-Columbia